New Features!

I am really digging the new features Desmos has rolled out.  My favorite two features are:

  1. You can now hide a folder of content on a graphing screen.
  2. You can easily add a graph image to a screen with text and/or student input.

Here are some ideas for ways to use a hidden folder of content:

  • Have students practice writing equations of lines, parabolas, piecewise functions, or whatever you happen to be working on!  Make a folder, write a function, and graph it as a dashed line.  Then write some text instructing the students to write the equation of the function.  It is easy to write an activity like this, and as students work, all it takes is the briefest glance at the teacher screen to see which students need intervention.
  • When you have lots of complicated formulas, it can be distracting for students to see lots of folders with all of the “background work” hidden.  I used to just make a folder labeled something to the effect of “hidden stuff” or “triangle” or, in the case of the example I’ve linked, “umbrella”.  Now I just hide the folder.  So easy!

I doubt you need help figuring out an effective way to use a graph alongside a question, but if you want an example of how I’ve used this, check out my last blog post!  Just remember


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