Understanding Domain and Range

In my experience, students tend to get really mixed up and turned around when trying to identify the domain and range of a function based on its graph.

I have never had an excellent solution to this problem before Desmos rolled around.  But I created this activity to bring to life the ideas of domain and range.  Student feedback was overwhemingly positive about this activity.  Many students felt much more confident finding the domain and range after working through it.

Despite the fact that this was an effective activity, it did have a couple of hiccups, as is to be expected with the first run-through of any activity.  The link is to the revised version.


  1. Adding graphs* to the pages asking students what they got for the domain of the functions in Domain Challenges #1, #2, and #3, so students don’t have to click back to the previous page to check what they got. (Also adding graphs to the pages asking for range)
  2. Adding clearer instructions for what students should do on Domain Challenge #4 and Range Challenge #4.  Students got confused in class when we switched from interval notation (the better way of writing domain and range for the input boxes) to inequality notation.

*Quick tip: Don’t forget that you can copy entire slides!  This is particularly helpful if you want to add a screen where you use the same graphs, but maybe add a bit of text or an input box.  Once the screen is duplicated, you can then add input and/or text.  This is a lot easier to do than copying a graphing screen line-for-line.



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