Making a Great Desmos gif

Hi! It’s Halloween, and I’m loving the #mathoween graphs people are posting. Ever wonder how people are creating beautiful gifs of their graphs?

There’s, but I haven’t found the image quality to be quite what I’ve been looking for.

Here’s my method for making pretty gifs:

  1. Take a screen recording with your slider speed set to 1x and only forward looping. (I have used both screencastify (on my PC) and QuickTime (on my Mac). I prefer QuickTime, but both are fine.) Make sure to take a little more than a full loop of your slider (more than 4 seconds.)
    slider loop
  2. Save the video file to your computer.
  3. Go to this site: and upload your video. It accepts most video formats.
  4. Since you set your slider speed to 1x, it should take exactly 4 seconds for your animation to loop back to its start. So specify start and end times to your gif that are exactly 4 seconds apart. (I usually just use 0 and 4, but you could use 5.2 and 9.2 or any start and end times that are 4 s apart.)ezgif settings
  5. Make any adjustments you may want using the menu they provide. I often crop, resize, and/or adjust the speed.
    ezgif options
  6. Download your gif by pressing the save button all the way to the right.
  7. All done!

Hope this helps you with your gif-making endeavors!

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