Desmos for Newbies

Hi there! If you’re new to Desmos, you’re in for a treat!  It’s everything you ever wanted a graphing calculator to be.  It’s intuitive and downright fun.

Many people begin learning about Desmos without any official help, just trying it out.  The Desmos team has worked hard to make it as user friendly as possible.  And I think they’ve succeeded.  But if you’d like a more structured approach, here’s my advice!

To learn as much as you can about learn how Desmos works, the best thing you can do for yourself is get on over to to watch video tutorials and try some interactive tours.

If you like reading manuals, here’s a pdf user guide, and if you like having a paper version, it’s only 13 pages long so it’s easy to print!

Not sure where to start?  How about with some of these basics:

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, branch out into any of the other topics on that look interesting to you!  I recommend regressions, restrictions, and lists.  All great skills to have.

Here are some great math examples Desmos has curated.

Once you have a reasonable working knowledge of Desmos, practice by making a mathy graph, or try making a picture!  You can see my very first (ever) attempt at a picture followed by the improved version I made with just a little more time and effort.


Here are some great art examples Desmos has curated.

Play around with anything you can in Desmos!  Graphing should be (and can be) fun!

If you’re a teacher, you really should check out

Here are some tutorials on how to use

AND, my final bit of advice is to join Twitter and follow Desmos.  Start interacting with other people who are using Desmos to do awesome things, and your expertise will soon follow!